Production Manager

Job Field

Executive management (Executive board),

Supply Chain & Production (Overall supply chain & production)


You will coordinate the production of Nookas in all the countries where we have commercial operations, these being produced locally, as close as possible to the place of sale.


The new Production Manager will be subordinated to General Manager and will manage all production operations of the company. We do not have our own production units, we work with companies that manufacture Nookas in every country where we sell them. The Production Manager will have to identify the best production companies in each country (Europe and the USA, at the beginning), negotiate the contractual conditions, establish the working, monitoring and control procedures throughout the production and delivery flow.


Candidates must have a solid technical education, relevant experience throughout the production cycle, from conception, design, analysis and planning, to execution, QA and logistics. English must be known to a high level. Availability for long and very frequent trips must be maximum. International experience or with international teams can be a decisive advantage.

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