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    Our Story

Our story

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We’re pioneering the future of remote work

Together with our global network of Nooksters around the world, we’re changing the way people live and work.


We’re proud to launch the world’s first connected proximity office space, so no matter where you are, you have a great place to work.

Leanne CEO

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The story of Nooka

The story of Nooka begins with a problem we were all facing - how do we make “working from home” a better experience?

The old way of doing things was to improve your home office environment or commute to a coworking space.

But this didn’t cut it for us. We believed there must be a better way, a way to combine the convenience of working from home with the amenities and environment of a modern office space.

nooka your space

What would our dream workspace look like and where would it be?

As remote workers ourselves, we asked ourselves what would our dream workspace look like and where would it be?

With deep backgrounds in the coworking industry, real estate, community building and industrial design, we reimagined what the future of work could look like.

And now after 12+ months of R&D, design, prototyping and development, we’re excited to release the world’s first smart, Wi-Fi connected, fully-equipped proximity offices spaces. Welcome to Nooka.

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It’s all about community

We celebrate and support all the incredible & diverse people that are pioneering the future of remote work in the Nooka community.

We couldn’t do this without you. Together with our Nooka hosts (Nookians) and our Nooka users (Nooksters), we’re pioneering a new ecosystem that is changing the way we live and work.

Discover our values and join our community


We truly believe that anything is possible, provided you are in the right space and spirit of mind.


We value flexibility, spontaneity, technology, modern design and incredible user experiences.


We encourage all creative initiatives and all creative types; we support and embrace diversity.


We are bold and passionate about making things work, regardless of impediments; we are true to ourselves and hold ourselves accountable.


We empower everyone in our community to feel productive and energized so they can do their best work.

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