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Create meaningful remote work experiences for your employee's, customers or citizens

Get a fully equipped, smart proximity office specifically designed for working from home, with leasing or buying options available and shared revenue business model included.

Get your Nooka and become part of an amazing community

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All facilities are designed to meet all your employee's needs

With an incredible design and materials built to last forever, every part of Nooka is purposely created to make you more focused, more productive and more collaborative. Join us! It's risk free with a 90 day free cancellation policy.

  • Enterprise USP

    Fully equipped and hi-tech

    Tiny office with blazing high speed Wi–Fi
  • Enterprise USP

    Healthy & safe workplace

    Designed for the wellness of all the users
  • Enterprise USP

    Attractive shared revenue business model

    For companies and public locations
  • Enterprise USP

    Fits anywhere

    Quick installation (plug and play) and easy relocation
  • Enterprise USP

    Great custom branding

    Increase your visibility and promote your organisation
  • Enterprise USP

    Full control of the users by Mobile App

    With payment integration, booking & accessories.
  • Enterprise USP

    Free transportation & installation

    Anywhere in Europe. No mounting at the location is necessary
  • Enterprise USP

    Leasing or buying options available

    With financing solution provided

Who can use Nooka Space

Get recognized for helping your community thrive in the new remote work culture

Companies and brands

Companies and brands

Proximity office spaces for your employees and customers

  • Checkmark Attract & retain top talent
  • Checkmark Attract & retain top talent
  • Checkmark Adapt to the needs of the modern workforce
  • Checkmark Increase brand visibility in target locations
  • Checkmark Enhance brand affinity with this target demographic
  • Checkmark Build into your customer loyalty programs
  • Checkmark And so much more!
Residential developers

Residential developers

Proximity office spaces for your tenants

  • Checkmark Be more attractive to prospective tenants
  • Checkmark Charge for usage: a new income stream
  • Checkmark Increase the value of your building
  • Checkmark be ready for working-from-home trend
  • Checkmark add an unique competitive advantage to your project
  • Checkmark increase your visibility with smart proximity offices
  • Checkmark And so much more!
Local authorities

Local authorities

Proximity office spaces for your city and your citizens

  • Checkmark Offer to your citizens a network of proximity offices
  • Checkmark Improve the urban mobility in your city
  • Checkmark Digitalize the way people work in your city
  • Checkmark Get statistics and data of usage
  • Checkmark Create a healthy alternative to WFH or traveling to traditional office buildings
  • Checkmark Use Nooka as an alternative of online school
  • Checkmark Offer children an opportunity to study in a modern, cool, and healthy office
  • Checkmark And so much more!
Proximity shared office space with innovative business model

Proximity shared office space with innovative business model

You have full control over who uses your Nooka Spaces. Limit access to your employees, or open it up to the public and charge by the hour or day. Set your own prices and manage everything via the Nooka app.

Smart, high-tech and controlled from your phone

Smart, high-tech and controlled from your phone

Keep your Nooka at the perfect temperature via the smart heating / air conditioning system. And don't worry about losing your keys - the smart locking system works via Bluetooth with your Nooka mobile app.

Built to last with strong, durable, high end materials

Built to last with strong, durable, high end materials

As well as our top quality construction, we've partnered with the leading global office furniture provider, Steelcase, to equip your Nooka with a world-class ergonomic chair and electric height adjustable desk. Get ready for comfort that lasts the distance.

Find the answers to anything you need in our Nooka Help Center

How visible will my company’s branding be on the Nooka?

Your logo will replace the Nooka logo on both the inside and outside. We’re happy to work with special requests, so let us know if you have something else in mind.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Nope, there’s no minimum order quantity. You can order 1 Nooka or 100 Nookas, it’s totally up to you.

Can you help us find locations to put our Nookas on?

Yes, our Broker partners can assist you with finding suitable micro locations to rent where you can place your Nooka.

Are there any permits needed?

Nooka is classified as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) so in most countries no permit is required. However we encourage you to check the laws in your locality before placing your order.

Can we restrict access so only our employees / clients / customers can enter?

Yes absolutely. Through your Corporate Dashboard you’ll be able to control who can access your Nookas, invite specific people, or set rules so that anyone with a company email address can book a timeslot in your Nooka.

Can we charge for access?

Yes, you can set an hourly rate and a daily rate. You have full control over your pricing.

What is the minimum contract period?

The minimum contract is only 12 months, with contracts renewed annually.

Is there a security system in place?

Our smart lock system ensures that nobody can enter your Nooka who is not authorized to enter. In addition to the enterprise grade smart lock system, we use high strength tempered glass in all our windows to ensure maximum durability and security.

Small places can offer you big benefits. Try a different work experience now!

Get the best working experience for your employees, tenants or citizens.

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