What the Workation Trend Means for the Agrotourism Market

With the roll-out of vaccines and easing of restrictions in European countries at the beginning of summer, Europeans were finally able to plan and enjoy their holidays after a year that was anything but relaxing. Or at least predictable. 

From holidays by the seaside to excursions up in the mountains, Europeans became tourists again. Except this time with a clear predilection for secluded or at least intimate places close to nature. Places that were perceived as safe. After all, why head to a crowded city where the risk of infection is generally higher compared to less dense areas? 

Well, if you’re a business operating in agrotourism, you already know all of this because it’s one of your differentiators from traditional tourism. That and bliss. Calmness. Isolation.  


How the Sands Are Shifting

Already booming before the pandemic, agrotourism was and is driven by factors such as strong demand for family-oriented recreational activities, economical costs compared to traditional hotel packages and demand for authentic local food and experiences. In addition, tourists are more and more careful in terms of their consumption behavior on holidays and are on the lookout for sustainable destinations. 

To put one and two together, as an agrotourism business, you’ve been steadily making your way up in travelers’ choices even before the pandemic, now having the opportunity to get a solid boon. 

How? There are two things: workation and Nooka. 

Workating In Nooka

Let’s start with the first.

To put it simply, workation is at the crossroads between work and leisure time, and can hit the sweet spot especially for those working in creative professions who need inspiration.  

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The new buzzword has been embraced just as remote work has become accepted in many industries. With all its pros and cons, it is generally accepted by now that remote work is here to stay in some form or another. Just look at how large companies such as Facebook and Dropbox have gone full on remote, while Apple, Amazon or Adobe are implementing hybrid systems. To each their own.

What this means for employees is, above all else, flexibility. To work from any other place. And to travel at the same time.

Anticipating that employees will feel restrained at home, countries such as Barbados or UAE have put out special offers to attract workationers. More recently, there have been reports that remote workers have been flocking to South Europe this summer to workation. 

We already know they’re keen on secluded places, so it’s a definite win for agrotourism. However, to truly get the best out of workation, you need to provide guests with the proper conditions to…work.

And that’s where Nooka comes in.

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As the first-ever worldwide service as home ofice, Nooka comes to the rescue of employees looking to work in an environment that keeps up their productivity away from home, and can also make you your clients’ top choice.

Nooka x Fattoria La Maliosa

Fattoria La Maliosa, a picturesque 160-hectare farm in the Maremman hills, Italy, is one of the first to respond to the workation trend with Nooka. 

Made up of arable lands, vineyards, olive trees and forests, the farm produces natural wines, extra virgin olive oil and honey. If it sounds like heaven, it really is.


And this heaven-based business has seen in Nooka an added value for its guests. Now, visitors can enjoy the Tuscan universe with endless vineyards, great wine and delicious food even when getting to reply to a few emails and being on a call. They do not need to hunt down a café in the nearest town or to work from their room at the farm, and can keep it 100% professional while still connected to their surroundings.

C:\Users\antonia_horodinca\Desktop\Antonia\Nooka\Italy Four (1).jpeg

Fattoria La Maliosa has chosen to place a Nooka One on its land, perfect for individuals working by themselves. 

Nooka also comes in type Nooka Two, a bit larger and adequate for those seeking to share an office with another individual. Irrespective of the model, all Nooka units are hi-tech and connected and are equipped with everything from smart lighting and smart heat control to high-speed wifi, and smart scheduling. 

Plus, they are versatile so that businesses can rent them out or offer them as a free benefit to their clients anywhere they have a bit of space. 

You, too, can take Fattoria La Maliosa’s example to offer your guests proper conditions to relax and work all in one stay. Because as remote work is here to stay in some kind of form, so is the workation phenomenon.

Visit and check out the options!

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