Top 5 office shed solutions

In the past few decades, as companies adopted the digital transformation in their day to day business we’ve seen a massive shift of workers moving their office at home. This movement made the idea of setting a home office more popular than ever.

While most took advantage of their spare bedroom, turning it into a fully decked office not everyone is lucky enough to have this option. This is why people have started looking for alternate solutions.

I’m not going to discuss working from hubs because that’s a whole different can of worms altogether and instead would like to focus on solutions that can be added to your existing property without sacrificing your savings by building another room to the house or converting the attic which will cost tens or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The office is dead. Long live the office shed

The sales for sheds are booming since Covid came about, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. They are a relatively cheap solution and you can get it in a matter of days.


A relatively new player on the market, Nooka aims to solve the work-from-home crisis that arose in the last few months. Compared to its competitors, Nooka has the most competitive price out of this list.

While you could flat out buy it, there is a better option. Nooka gives you the option to own it in exchange for a small monthly fee. It’s about the same price you’d probably pay for a co-working space where you’d be forced to work in a loud, crowded environment the main difference being that your Nooka can be set up anywhere you’d like.

It comes in 3 different sizes depending on how many people you would like to fit in there and can be ordered with a custom terrace that lets you really relax during your precious breaks. Each unit comes with a desk, chair, WIFI, heating and cooling solutions among other features. 

Studio Shed 

Studio Shed is a balanced option between modern design and fair pricing. Pricing starts around $11 thousand and goes up to $25000 depending on what options and sizes you chose from. It features full length tapered roof rafters, a 36 inch fiberglass door brushed aluminum for doors and windows and it comes standard with a one year manufacturer warranty.

Compared to Nooka, the Studio Shed  does not come equipped with a desk, chair, WIFI and a heating solution so make sure you set aside another 3 to 4 thousands dollars for those. The Studio Shed does have some customization options that are quite unique to them. 


Turnkey YardPods are built in the San Francisco Bay and cost on average $28000 thousands dollars featuring electricity, insulation, doors and windows with all the painting. There are some smaller options available and if that still doesn’t tickle your fancy, they offer enough customization options to make sure you find one that works for you.

While I’m fully aware these are not sheds but rather pods, YardPods qualify for this list because they do serve the same goal which is to provide an alternative work area for those looking for a little peaceful space to work from.

Pod Space

Custom Mini Pod

This English company developed a unique looking pod that screams modern and luxurious but if you still doubt them being a premium quality buildings, perhaps the price will convince you. These bespoke, beautiful pods come at a cost between 17980 to 64000 pounds.

Each pod is carefully designed and created to meet the client specification after carefully talking to the Pod Space team. This initial discussion will be followed by the proposal and price quote and soon after both parties are happy it’s off to be built, shipped and installed.


Advertised as a cost-effective and hassle-free solution for extra living space, these delightful modern sheds are built with sturdy materials that feature a 10 year structural guarantee and premium Western Red cedar for the outside.

Inoutside offers 4 beautiful options, one is the Kamaroo a 6×4 room with a price starting at $17 thousands dollars, Mallee, similar to the Makaroo in size and price but a little more privacy, the Cooba, a practical versatile outdoor room that costs around $18,000 dollars featuring a floor to ceiling windows that allows for a much welcomed natural light. The last option is the Tallwwood with prices starting at $22,000 installed, a perfect solution for people looking to have lots of light and a decent porch.

How do you choose the right shed for your workspace?

This is something you might have never thought you’d ask yourself until now, but since the world went through some never before seen changes, people everywhere have started asking this very question. The 5 options I’ve laid out here are among the best options out there. This is not to say these 5 are the only options out there but do have a mix of the best features available.

To answer the question at hand, I’d recommend making a list of what’s important for you. If price is an issue, you might want to go with a cheaper option that comes without any bells and whistles, like the Studio Shed. I would like to point out that if you are looking to work out of your newly purchased shed, you’ll have to make sure you have a desk, an ergonomic chair, good internet connection and something like a heating and cooling system to keep you comfortable during those long working hours.

Visit to register for your Nook today and start working from a comfortable, beautiful, modern office space that you love!

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