The Tiny Office Movement

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about tiny houses. Many are fascinated by the idea of owning a tiny house. According to one study, over half of Americans said they would be interested in investing in a tiny home. 

What is the great appeal? The affordable price tag was cited as the number one reason. According to the same study, most people said they would be willing to spend 40,000 USD or less on a tiny home. 

The second most cited attraction to tiny homes is the efficiency of these buildings. There is no wasted space. Everything is compact, organized, and accessible. Having a home that is portable and efficient is the most appealing aspect in the eyes of the general population.

While it is true a tiny home is more affordable and efficient, I believe there are more reasons we are attracted to tiny homes. The appeal of tiny homes is that you can place them anywhere. 

There are very few rules stating where you can and cannot place them in most countries. The allure of being able to pack up everything and go have a cozy home on the side of a mountain is appealing to even the most hardcore urban-dweller. 

While tiny homes truly are amazing, there is another movement grabbing the world by storm. 

The tiny office movement. 

When it comes to small offices, more than 60% of all remote workers have considered buying or building a tiny office. Tiny offices are attractive for the same reasons tiny homes are, except you don’t actually have to live in the tiny space.  

Because of the pandemic and the many changes that have been brought along with it, more and more people are finding themselves working from home. Instead of working inside of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or god forbid even your bathroom (please don’t do that), you could work in a tiny office.

Tiny Offices are affordable

A survey found that around 75% of people are willing to spend over $8,000 USD (~6,500 Euro) on a backyard office. For a personalized and fully furnished office, some people were willing to twice if not more. 

Thankfully, the buy-in for most tiny offices is very low. But we found there is no better value for your money than Nooka. They offer a fully furnished and smart office space starting at 299 Euros a month.

The top-3 most sought after features are included in all of Nooka’s offices. They include a window-wall for large amounts of natural lighting and climate-control. 

Tiny offices are profitable

The third most sought after feature is for the office to be subleased. More than 60% of all people who expressed interest in a tiny office said they would want to lease out their offices for a profit. 

Nooka offers an interesting solution. 

Because Nooka is a smart-tiny office with nearly all of their features, (security, heating, lighting, etc) can be controlled from the Nooka app, it is possible to sell a virtual key to anyone who wants to rent your office space. Nooka actually encourages subleasing and their app makes this entire process very simple.

This feature comes at a perfect time where many people are looking for tiny offices or tiny homes to rent. According to the same study, many people stated they would be willing to pay over 900 USD (~740 euro) to rent a tiny building for a month. This means there is money to be made in subleasing a tiny office, especially if it is placed in a desirable location.d

Tiny offices are Flexible

Imagine being able to place your office anywhere you want. Perhaps you have seen photos like this (photo here) online and always thought to yourself, “that would be cool, but it probably won’t happen.” 

Well, now it can! You can place your office down and work from anywhere you legally can. That is the freedom of having a tiny office. The whole world could be your office.

With Nooka, this process is easy and they will ship anywhere within Europe. Building an office takes some dedication. Not only do you have to build it yourself, but once you make it, moving the DIY building can be a challenge if you do not plan to move again. 

If you ever decide you no longer need your office, or you decide you want to relocate your office to a new area, moving a prefabricated tiny office is much easier than a custom built office.

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