Nooka Space is offering a 50% discount to any booking in the Cluj offices

We recently launched a 50% off campaign available for all the office bookings in Cluj. This means that Nooksters can rent a Nooka Space office for only 1.99 euro/hour. The 50% off campaign is available until the 20th of December in all the Cluj offices!

Becoming a Nookster grants you instant access to the community and network of Nookas all around Cluj. If you have never tried one of the Nooka Space smart offices in Cluj, now is the perfect chance to try it at a discounted price. All you have to do to become a Nookster is download the mobile app, create an account, log in and book your Nooka! The Nooka Space mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play on Android and iOS devices. Here you can find a video explaining how to use the Nooka app!

Did you know? Nooka Space is the type of “plug and play” compact office space, equipped with smart sensors, which allow users simple operations, through the mobile application. 

Access, heating, air quality monitoring, lighting, payments and reservations can be intelligently controlled through the mobile App, while the air purifier and UV-C lights are specially designed to disinfect the space and maintain the highest sanitary standards. Nooka spaces are also equipped with state-of-the-art furniture and accessories, with adjustable electric work tables, ergonomic chairs and video conferencing kits.

All of these smart features with only 1.99/hour? Sounds like a great deal!

How does Nooka Space contribute to the remote work community in Cluj-Napoca? 

Nooka Space contributes to the remote work community in Cluj-Napoca by offering freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, or anyone who works remotely, the option to work from a smart, fully-equipped office that is close to their homes.

In Cluj-Napoca, Nooka offices are placed in different areas of the city forming the largest network of proximity offices in our country.  If someone wants to book an office in Cluj-Napoca there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to locations

The network in Cluj-Napoca consists of 5 smart offices and the 50% discount is available in all the locations! 

Nooka Space Iulius Mall Cluj
Nooka Space Bună Ziua
Nooka Space Polyvalent Hall
Nooka Space Vivo
Nooka Space Florești

Nooka Space Florești is free to use with the code: 1hourfree, following a strategic partnership with Floresti village. Read the article about the partnership) 

What’s your favorite location and why? Tell us here (or in the below comments) and receive a promo code for your favorite location! 

About Nooka Space. Context and impact.

The story of Nooka Space began in Ireland in 2020, continues in the European Union in 2021 and plans to reach the United States in 2022! The concept started from the desire to rewrite the definition of remote working and to help build the offices of the future, that are smarter, more accessible, more flexible for people all around the world!  Nooka is constantly innovating the “work from home” experience as a solution following the COVID lockdowns, but also the general growth and trends for remote work. By now, Nooka Space has reached around 10.000 users in Romania. Which means that Nooka Space  is on the way to changing the way people work and help shape the future of remote work! 

Book your office now to benefit from the 50% OFF discount! Don’t forget that the discount is available only until the 20th of December.