20 Ideas for Backyard Offices That You Will Love To Work From

Have you ever dreamed of being in a comfortable office that’s just your style? Modern, yet comfortable. Stylish, but still gives you homey and professional vibes? 

I know I have.

But have you ever dreamed that it could be in your very own backyard? 

That’s right, ladies and gents. You heard it here first. 

Your dreams can now come to life with a backyard office space

Modular backyard garden offices are everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more.

No more dealing with blurred lines between work-life and home-life when you work remotely. Having a backyard office space is the solution to all the problems that remote workers face on a daily basis.

20 Ideas for Backyard Offices That You Will Love Working From

Today I want to show you 20 backyard offices that I know you’ll be obsessed with, that you can use as an inspiration for your own backyard garden office!  

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get into talking about these dreamy garden offices.

  1. The Minimalist Nooka Backyard Garden Office

I thought we could start off today’s list with the best of the best, and that’s portable office spaces by Nooka. 

This office space is the best one you’ll ever find for many reasons. It’s minimal, it’s beautiful, and it’s also the first company worldwide that offers a home garden office that is smart and connected (smart lighting and smart heat control, high speed wifi, zero human interactions for accessing it with mobile app, smart scheduling, mobile in app payment, air control sensors and smart furniture). 

Backyard offices are great for lots of things. For being able to stay focused throughout the day and having a place to call your own office. 

Where things stay organized and clean. This modern backyard office made by Nooka is the perfect fit for those who have a modern and sleek style.

  1. The Modern Scandinavian Wooden Backyard Office


In our house, we love everything scandinavian and cozy. 

This backyard garden office is the perfect combination of a scandinavianminimalism, and still so comfy. 

  1. Minimalist White Wood and Glass Backyard Office


What’s better than the combination of white paint and light wood? Honestly, nothing much. 

This is definitely my favorite color combination and it would look great in your backyard. 

  1. Wooden, Sleek, and Minimal Backyard Garden Office 


Here we have another winner, the combination of wood and black. 

Black trim and wooden backyard offices are truly mesmerizing and you can be proud to have your coworkers off to show off your new backyard garden office. 

  1. The Open Space Natural Light Backyard Garden Office


There’s nothing quite like this ultra modern backyard office space.

What I love the most about it is the huge wall-to-wall glass windows. Natural light plays a huge part in mental health and when you’re working alone from home, it’s so important to keep your mental health first. 

This backyard garden space is the perfect office to let in lots of light so you feel like you’re actually just working outside in nature. 

  1. The Dreamy Fairytale Backyard Garden Office


This is one of my favorite backyard offices to date. I have it saved under “Dream office spaces” on my pinterest account.

This modern farmhouse backyard office is for those who love the feeling of “home away for home”. 

  1. The Modern Farmhouse Backyard Garden Office Space


Another beautiful backyard office is this modern botanical backyard office. I love the incorporation of plants in this backyard office design. 

Also, the amount of windows here will be letting in loads of natural light, which again is great for productivity.

  1. Modern Black and Oak Backyard Garden Office


Back at it with another modern backyard office, we have this black-trimmed garden office with loads of natural light.

You’ll notice big windows are key in making a small space feel much larger and more comfortable. 

  1. Open Concept Ultra-Modern Backyard Office 


When I saw htis backyard office, my jaw literally dropped. 

I love the floating eggs chairs, the color choices, the minimalism, everything about this small backyard office. Also, imagine working from there are seeing the snow fall around you.


  1. Small Backyard Garden Office


This a-symmetrical garden office really hits different with all of its sharp corners and windows.

This edgy office is perfect for those looking for something a little different. 

  1. Contemporary Farmhouse Backyard Office Space


Here’s the prefect combo of modern and farmhouse office style. Tiny but spacious. We love to see it.

  1. Warm and Modern Small Backyard Office Space


Can we talk about the wood stain color choice here? Immaculate. 

This burnt orange color and black trim work perfectly on this backyard garden office. 

  1. White and Bright Backyard Farmhouse Office


Another farmhouse office, sorry, but I just can’t get enough of these! 

  1. Modern Farmhouse Backyard Office With Loads of Windows


This backyard office space just goes to show that you can have something tiny and simple but spice it up with just a few posts and columns! 

  1. Black and Oak Modern Minimal Backyard Garden Office


Here’s another scandinavian house for you. Let’s say it together this time, people.

Lots of windows is key to making a small backyard garden office feel huge!

  1. The Dreamiest Backyard Garden Office on Planet Earth


Alright people, this backyard garden space takes 1st place in everything. 

You get to walk into a professional office every morning, but on the way there, you can smell the flowers and enjoy the beautiful nature this world has to offer.

If I had to choose one backyard office for the rest of my life, this one might just be it.

  1. Botanical Backyard Garden Office


This one is very similar to the one from up above, but we love to see modern farmhouse backyard office spaces with gardens surrounding them.

There’s just something so serene about them.

  1. Charming Backyard Botanical Garden Office


Another dreamy backyard garden office is this modern one with beautiful wood paneling on the sides. 

It really spices things up and gives it a whole new feel of luxurious. 

  1. Natural Light Modern Backyard Office 


This all window backyard garden space takes the plate for best natural lighting. 

I could stay in there for hours on hours working from my laptop.

  1. Modern Backyard Studio Garden Office 


And finally, we have this backyard office that doubles as a studio. This bright and airy garden office is perfect for those looking to take random cat naps during the day. 

If you’re looking for a backyard modular office space to start working from, Nooka is the solution for you.

We’re the first company worldwide that offers a home garden office that is smart and connected (smart lighting and smart heat control, high speed wifi, zero human interactions for accessing it with mobile app, smart scheduling, mobile in app payment, air control sensors and smart furniture). 

And, if you’re looking for a business opportunity and amazing community, you can set up a Nooka in your town with an extremely low initial investment, and start subleasing it to other remote workers. 

Let us know in the comments section which modular backyard garden office was your favorite and which one you’d put in your own very backyard! 

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